Sunday, July 28, 2013

List of All Ever After High Dolls - Ever After High Doll Names

What are the Ever After High dolls? Who are the Ever After High dolls?
Ever After High is a spin off of Monster High. The story revolves around the teenage children of famous fairytale figures as they confront the destiny set forth by their story. Ever After High is put out by Mattel.

The Complete List of Ever After High Dolls - What are the names of all the Ever After High Dolls?

APPLE WHITE - Daughter of Snow White

BLONDIE LOCKS - Daughter of Goldie Locks

CERISE HOOD - Daughter of Little Red Riding Hood

C.A CUPID - Daughter of Eros

RAVEN QUEEN - Daughter of The Evil Queen

BRIAR BEAUTY - Daughter of Sleeping Beauty

MADELINE HATTER - Daughter of The Mad Hatter


ASHLYNN ELLA - Daughter of Cinderella - Comes in a 2 pack with Hunter Huntsman

HUNTER HUNTSMAN - Son of  The Huntsman - Comes in a 2 pack with Ashlynn Ella


DEXTER CHARMING - Son of Prince Charming

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